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You can beat your depression, Your are not alone.

Non Invasive treatment, Med-Free!, Approved by FDA.

Over 2 million Treated with TMS Therapy.

FDA Approved

FDA approved and cleared TMS as the most effective treatment for depression.

Covered by insurance

TMS Therapy is covered by most insurance companies and Medicare.


TMS Therapy help you to recover from your depression with no medication.

No Side effects

You can start your normal activities immediately, with no side effects. 

How it Works

How TMS Therapy Works

   A depressed person's brain has less electrical activity than a non depressed person.

    With help of  TMS technology, TMS therapy help the brain to gradually  recover that activity without any side effects. 

  Studies have proven TMS therapy to be twice as effective  than depression medications.

Why is the future of depression treatment

TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) is a revolutionary therapy used to treat the symptoms of depression.

It gently stimulates the areas of the brain that cause depression symptoms.

Patient Stories

“When I first new about TMS I had a deep depression. I used to live in my bed with fear of going out. After few week of treatment I was able to enjoy the sun, the nature and even drive.”

Andres, 51
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